Cam Follower Bearings For Sale

Cam follower bearings are necessary for the smooth operation of an engine. has a wide selection of these components from the most trusted manufacturers in the industry. Whatever type of follower bearings you need for any application, you’re sure to find it here among our extensive inventory.

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Understanding Their Purpose

The function of a cam in an engine is to convert the rotation of a shaft into linear motion. It does this through the lobes along its length that push against the cam followers.

The bearings utilized in these configurations are needed to ensure that the load is evenly and smoothly distributed through the use of rollers. They reduce friction and allow the followers to work as easily as they can in any given usage. They are sealed to prevent lubrication loss as well as to keep out any potential contamination.

Choosing the Correct Bearings

There are two main categories of these, and their main differences have to do with how they are mounted. For example, stud-style bearings feature a threaded stud and can be mounted that way.

The other popular type is yoke-style, which features a hole through the center. This means they must be mounted on a shaft. Both varieties are available in standard and heavy-duty construction.

Another variation involves the addition of a crowned outer ring. This helps accommodate small misalignments between the cam follower and the cam, which means a reduction in thrust load.

Most Common Applications

Cam roller bearings can be found in any application in which a camshaft is utilized. This includes material handling, machine tools, packaging, food processing and in engines. No matter the usage, cam follower bearings allow for higher speeds and greater axial loads than the older style of needle roller bearings.

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