Flanged Ball Bearings For Sale

Bearings come in many shapes and configurations, depending on the application. In most cases, the variations in their construction and design serve to make them easier to mount in certain uses. For example, a common variant is the flanged ball bearing. This features a flange that is used to position the component more securely for a reliable operation.

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The Basics of Flanged Ball Bearings

The difference between a flanged bearing and a standard product is easy to see, even at a glance. Whereas a typical open bearing will have a smooth outer ring, the flanged variant will have a lip along the outside edge. This allows for it to be held in place with greater security than its flangeless counterpart.

Flanged ball bearings typically are employed when additional support is needed for a shaft that is perpendicular to the bearing’s mounting surface. The presence of the flange helps to reduce shaft flexing, excessive vibrations and axial load. Compared to traditional options, flange-mounted bearings provide better stability and worry-free operation in such situations.

Flanged bearings can be found in applications that call for external housings as well as those that require miniature or instrument bearings. Practically any usage in which high vibrations or axial loads are present can benefit from flanged bearings because they lock into place and prevent sliding along the axis.

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