Spherical Roller Bearings For Sale

Spherical roller bearings rank among the most useful and common types of bearing designs on the market today. Their ability to compensate for misalignment makes them indispensable in numerous high-capacity applications. Thanks to their special configuration and strength, they make it possible for many machines to continue performing at full capacity under difficult conditions.

However, because these bearings are essential to so many types of equipment, there are seemingly infinite variations of them. Each brings a set of attributes and features that make it ideally suited for a specific purpose.

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The Basics of Spherical Roller Bearings

The common element in all types of spherical roller bearings is the barrel-shaped rollers inside the bearing’s raceways. Their unique shape allows them to accommodate a certain degree of misalignment in the shaft. Because they are self-aligning, spherical roller bearings also minimize shaft deflection and are resistant to shock loads.

Within this category, there are many varieties that feature specific properties. For example, double-row spherical roller bearings can support a load in either direction along the shaft. In contrast, a spherical roller thrust bearing takes axial loads in one direction. Axial spherical roller bearings also support loads in a single direction. In one form or another, these bearings have been in continuous use throughout various industries for more than 80 years.

No matter what their configuration, the benefits offered by spherical roller bearings include long service life, low friction and a higher capacity than other bearing types. They can be found in applications such as paper processing, material handling, turbine power generation and mining equipment.

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