Super Precision Bearings

Certain applications call for components that are capable of withstanding extreme conditions while delivering a higher degree of performance than is usually required. It is in these situations that super precision bearings may be necessary. In machine tools and other highly precise equipment, these parts can provide the accuracy and reliability users need while generating low levels of vibration, noise and heat. No matter what your requirements may be, can be your single source for all types of high-speed bearings. We have the most extensive selection of high-quality bearings from the most trusted manufacturers in the marketplace.

A Full Spectrum of Options

The use of these high-performance bearings can enhance the output and lifespan of industrial machines. Countless industries rely on these bearings to improve their operations. For example, high-speed bearings for spindles provide enhanced balancing capabilities. Other examples of these components and the benefits they provide include:

  • Sealed angular contact bearings — These bearings feature low-contact seals that prevent the loss of lubrication and protect against dust contamination. As a result, maintenance is kept to a minimum and they remain in service for longer.
  • Angular contact thrust ball bearings — This type of bearing is notable for its ability to deliver exceptional results in applications where extreme speeds and rapid acceleration or deceleration are common.
  • Tapered roller bearings — Capable of supporting radial and axial loads at the same time, these bearings are extremely versatile. Two single-row bearings can be mounted opposite each other to receive axial loads in multiple directions.
  • Cylindrical ball bearings — The unique shape of the rollers in these bearings allows for them to function well at high speeds. Available in single- and double-row configurations, they also offer a high radial rigidity.

Choosing Makes Sense

No one else in the marketplace has as much expertise and experience as we do. Our knowledgeable and helpful representatives can guide you through the process of selecting the precise part that meets your unique requirements. Combined with our comprehensive catalog of components from the biggest and most trusted names in the business, we can be your one-stop shop for all your bearing needs. We make the process of ordering simple and convenient. No one is better suited to help you procure the ideal solutions for whatever your operations require. For more information about everything we have to offer, browse through our online inventory or get in touch with us today.