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Tapered roller bearings have been in continuous use across most industries for more than a century, and for good reason. Their unique design allows them to manage both axial and radial forces effectively. Discountbearings.com has the widest selection of taper roller bearings for sale. Whatever situation or application you have that calls for this type of roller bearings, we’ve got you covered.

Basics of Tapered Roller Bearings

Tapered roller bearings are based on the fact that cones can roll over each other without slipping if they meet at their points, meaning there is no sliding motion between the raceways and the rollers. As a result, they are capable of carrying greater loads than spherical models, which contact each other at a single point. Each roller in tapered components contacts the other along their entire length.

These roller bearings typically consist of a conical assembly and a cup that surrounds it. They were originally designed in the late 1890s as an alternative to the traditional assemblies used in wagon wheels, which required lubricant in a container surrounding part of the axle.

Types of Roller Bearings

There are many varieties of these components, depending on the application. They may come in single-row, double-row or four-row configurations. In instances in which more than one row is utilized, they tend to be arranged in back-to-back pairs to support axial forces equally in two directions.

Typical Applications

Tapered roller bearings are found in virtually every industry, most commonly in applications that call for durability under moderate speed conditions. Industries that rely on these include agriculture, automotive, construction, mining, railroad and wind turbines. They can be found in axle systems, gear boxes, engine motors and propeller shafts, among other systems.

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